Dreamcade® Vision 32
5.00 Stars
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Ships every Friday.
Play More Games Than Any Other Arcade
Plays games from over 2 dozen systems, from NES to Dreamcast, PC titles & more.
Easily Add New Games for FREE
Our exclusive Retro Reload software is the easiest way to add games to your system.
Best in Class Customer Support
We offer, chat, phone, email & ticket support. Plus, we can remotely connect to your arcade.
Dream Arcades Only Includes Licensed Games
Beware arcades pre-loaded with thousands of games. They’re illegal, won’t be around when you need help.
With 18 Years Experience, We Know Arcades
100% custom hardware, PC’s & interface PCB’s ensure games play just like the originals. Other arcades stretch games or miss combos—But not with a Dream Arcade.
Custom Designed Artwork Expertly Installed
From a marquee, to the whole arcade, get a free quote.
Not Just an Arcade, It’s a Gaming Powerhouse
Enjoy tons of arcade games, & with Windows 10 watch Netflix, Hulu, & HBO. Play Steam games with arcade controls or Xbox controller, all from our custom menu.
Real Arcade Quality, Built to Last
Our arcades are built better than the originals. Our MDF is stronger & water resistant. Tempered glass is break resistant & safer. Plus, have true arcade quality controls.
Description :

Order today and get three great game packs, for over $100 in free add-ons!

Our large stand-up arcade with a huge 32 inch arcade monitor (31.5" viewable) LCD. This multi-game arcade comes with over 250 licensed games plus you can add your own. Great, big screen fun, but still fits through the door. Includes a built-in MP3 music jukebox.

Just plug in this 32-inch arcade cabinet and start playing!

Lifetime Warranty on controls. One year parts & labor on all other components.

This complete pre-built home arcade cabinet comes with all of our arcade game packs, which contain over 250 licensed games, plus you can add your own games.

This upright arcade cabinet includes a 2 1/4 inch trackball. Just plug it in and start playing.

Multi-Game Arcade Cabinet Details:
  • High Quality 3/4 inch computer routed Melamine Cabinet
  • New 32" HD LCD display
  • Side-art & control panel overlay included
  • Lockable access door
  • PC based arcade, so you can easily add additional titles
  • Lighted utility buttons & 2 1/4" trackball
  • Complete ready to play home arcade cabinet for sale, not a kit
  • Side-pinball buttons and hidden keyboard shelf

You'll never even know there's a PC inside this home arcade system! Plug it in and you are ready to go!

We offer free e-mail and second level phone support!

Every Dream Arcade® MAME arcade cabinet includes
all the following titles, plus you can add even more:
Atari® Game Pack
  • Asteroids®
  • Asteroids Deluxe®
  • Battlezone®
  • Black Widow™
  • Centipede®
  • Crystal Castles®
  • Gravitar®
  • Liberator™
  • Lunar Lander™
  • Major Havoc™
  • Millipede™
  • Missile Command®
  • Pong®
  • Red Baron™
  • Super Breakout®
  • Space Duel™
  • Tempest™
  • Warlords®
Midway® Game Pack
  • Spy Hunter®
  • Defender®
  • Defender II®
  • Gauntlet®
  • Joust®
  • Joust 2®
  • Paperboy®
  • Rampage®
  • Robotron 2084®
  • Smash TV®
  • Bubbles®
  • RoadBlasters®
  • Blaster®
  • Rampart
  • Sinistar®
  • SuperSprint®
  • Marble Madness®
  • 720®
  • Toobin'®
  • SPLAT!®
  • Satan's Hollow®
  • Vindicators®
  • Root Beer Tapper®
Namco Museum® Pack
  • PAC-MAN®
  • MS. PAC-MAN®
  • Rally-X®
  • Xevious®
  • Mappy®
Digital Leisure Pack
Check out how simple our MAME arcade cabinet is to setup and play.
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Shipping and handling for this arcade gaming system is only $595 anywhere in the continental USA.
Delivery inside front door or garage only (no steps). Delivery up stairs or down stairs is an additional fee.
Liftgate delivery included at no extra charge, some destinations may take longer than 5 days.
Dream Arcades uses custom designed Windows 10 PC's in all of our systems for best in class performance.
All arcades come with a lifetime warranty on the controls, and a one year parts and labor warranty.

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  • Thanks for all that you did. I love my arcade and play it alot.
    Mike M
  • The customer service at Dream Arcades is unbelievable! I often got an answer within minutes of an email to their support staff. The arcade itself is well-made and a lot of fun. I had it delivered from California to Pennsylvania and it was in perfect condition. There are so many games that everyone who plays it finds something they like. Highly recommend!!!
    Pat T.
  • Purchased two of the Dreamcade Vision 32 units for our student center at the Modesto Junior College and have not been disappointed at all! I had to fend off excited students back when I was first getting them set up in our student center, and the machines were swarmed upon when I flipped them on for general play. They are enjoyed by our students solidly from 7am - 7pm (with waiting lines from 10am - 3pm). The units have made a huge impact on the atmosphere and energy of the space so much that the students are asking if we can get more, while Staff and Faculty are enjoying watching student life grow on campus.
    Modesto Junior College
  • We got the Dream Arcade for Christmas this year. It showed up extremely fast and it great shape. We had no issues getting it started up and playing great retro games in minutes. The customer service is fantastic. We had a couple of questions, and they were fast and detailed with their responses. We even got replies back on Christmas Day! If I have any regrets on my choice to go with Dream Arcades, it was that I did not spend the time to work with them for custom graphics package. that would have been awesome to design something unique for us.
    Dale M.
  • Best purchase ever. love it. love it. love it.
    David M.
  • I bought a 32" Dreamcade in November(2019). There were a couple bumps in the road getting the wifi to work, but everyone at this company was very personable, attentive, and patient in working with me to solve the issue. I went with them because they seemed like a "Mom and Pop" shop with a passion for what they do. I'm happy to say my instincts were correct. I'm very happy with my purchase!
    Adam W.
  • Everything has been great since the beginning! All questions throughout the process were answered promptly. I know these Dream Arcades are prebuilt, so shipping was fast. We bought most of the game packs with the unit. We later bought the rest of the game packs in two batches. The quality is awesome! These are not cheaply made. I think these Dream Arcades are great for all video game enthusiasts!
    David B.
  • Highly recommend Dream Arcades! Authentic looking and playing machine with the greatest games and ability to download others. Great customer service too.
    Jim W.
  • I couldn’t be happier with my custom arcade. Michelle was absolutely delightful to work with and kept in constant communication with me every step of the way to ensure everything was just right. Super customer service, a high-quality build and they delivered on my unrealistically high expectations. I’ll be back for another one when I can find the space!
    Oscar P. M.
  • Very professional and helpful team at Dream Arcades..... I love it..... The machine delivers...
    Brent G.
  • I ordered their 32" arcade game for my wife for XMAS. Michelle was super responsive in ordering and ensuring it came in time for the holiday. Also I had a small issue with my track ball and their support guy Ben sent me incredible photos and instructions to fix it. Very nice people and great product, we love it.
    Dom S.
  • I couldn’t be happier with my custom arcade. Michelle was absolutely delightful to work with and kept in constant communication with me every step of the way to ensure everything was just right. Super customer service, a high-quality build and they delivered on my unrealistically high expectations. I’ll be back for another one when I can find the space!
    Oscar M.
  • Purchased a 32” upright system and could not be happier. Shipping was quick and packaging was outstanding. It came triple bubble wrapped and strapped to a palate. Easy to bring in house with an appliance dolly and a 13 y/o kid. Setup is plug and play. Windows 10 computer based and auto updates plus wifi makes installing new games a snap with built in software. Loving the arcade games and finding my favorites from MAME sites. Excited to play all of the old school consoles including Atari 26
    Steven L.
  • I’ve had my Dream Arcades now for three years I originally got it because I wanted to have Robotron in arcade form and I saw a few places that were selling multiunit games but when I came across Dream Arcades I was overwhelmed with the amount of choices that are on their system system.First of all the process of ordering it and getting delivered was easy and their customer support was amazing I asked a ton of questions before I purchased the unit & they were more than happy and willing to help
    Russ P.
  • I love the machine they made. Quality craftsmanship of the game cabinet. User interface is easy to navigate. Customer service is top notch.
    Brian P.
  • They are a phenomenal small business that not ONLY has integrity and does right by their customers, but they actually CARE about them as well!! While they're NOT cheap, I couldn't recommend them enough. They have an A+ rating with the BBB and if you're in the market for a PREMIER arcade cabinet, then look no further than Dreamarcades.
    Clifford M
  • this game selection is great!