Dreamcade® Vision 40

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Play More Games Than Any Other Arcade
With over 2 dozen systems, from NES to Dreamcast, PC titles & more, our arcades play 100,000 games!
Easily Add New Games for FREE
Our exclusive Retro Reload software is the easiest way to add games, auto-detects & configures each game.
Best in Class Customer Support
We offer, chat, phone, email & ticket support. Plus, we can remotely connect to your arcade for support.
Dream Arcades Only Includes Licensed Games
Beware arcades pre-loaded with 10,000 games. They'll be shut-down, & won’t be around for 20 years like us.
With 20 Years Experience, We Know Arcades
100% custom hardware, PC’s & interface PCB’s ensure games play just like the originals. Other arcades stretch games or miss combos—But not with a Dream Arcade.
Custom Designed Artwork Expertly Installed
From a marquee, to Custom button colors, get a quote.
Not Just an Arcade, It’s a Gaming Powerhouse
Enjoy tons of arcade games, & with Windows 11 watch Netflix, Hulu, & HBO. Play Steam games with arcade controls or Xbox controller, all from our custom menu.
Real Arcade Quality, Built to Last
Our arcades are built better than the originals. MDF is stronger & water resistant. Tempered glass is break resistant & safer. We use true arcade quality controls.
Dreamcade® Vision 40 Dreamcade® Vision 40 Video Dreamcade® Vision 40 in living room Dreamcade® Vision 40 Top Dreamcade® Vision 40 Game Menu Dreamcade® Vision 40 Controls Dreamcade® Vision 32 Changing LED Backlight Dreamcade® Vision 40 Internal Dreamcade® Vision 40 PC Dreamcade® Vision 40 PC Specs
Description :

Dream Arcades presents our largest upright arcade cabinet with a HUGE 39 inch monitor. This 4-player arcade cabinet comes pre-installed with over 250 licensed games, plus you can add your own. Great, big screen fun, but still fits through the door. This large screen arcade from Dream Arcades includes a 4-player control panel so you can play all your favorite 4-player arcade games, and a built-in MP3 music jukebox.

We also sell a 4-player cocktail arcade table with 4 sets of controls.

🛠️ 100% pre-built.
Just plug in your home arcade and start playing - no assembly required!

👾 Includes 250+ licensed games, for over $100 in free add-ons.
Our machines come pre-installed with our arcade game packs.
Plus, you can even add your own games!

Joystick Icon

 Lifetime Warranty on controls.

One year parts & labor on all other components.

Trackball Icon

 Includes a 3 inch trackball.

Just plug in our game machines and start playing today!

MAME Arcade Cabinet Details :
  • High Quality 3/4 inch computer routed Melamine Arcade Cabinet
  • New 39" HD LCD display
  • Side-art & control panel overlay included
  • Lockable access door
  • PC based arcade game cabinet, so you can easily add additional titles
  • Perfect size MAME arcade cabinet for adults and children
  • Lighted utility buttons & 3" trackball
  • Complete ready to play MAME arcade cabinet, not a kit
  • Side-pinball buttons and hidden keyboard shelf

You'll never even know there's a PC inside this home arcade system! Plug it in and you are ready to go!

We offer free e-mail and second level phone support!

Every Dream Arcade® MAME arcade cabinet includes
all the following titles, plus you can add even more:
Atari® Game Pack
  • Asteroids®
  • Asteroids Deluxe®
  • Battlezone®
  • Black Widow™
  • Centipede®
  • Crystal Castles®
  • Gravitar®
  • Liberator™
  • Lunar Lander™
  • Major Havoc™
  • Millipede™
  • Missile Command®
  • Pong®
  • Red Baron™
  • Super Breakout®
  • Space Duel™
  • Tempest™
  • Warlords®
Midway® Game Pack
  • Spy Hunter®
  • Defender®
  • Defender II®
  • Gauntlet®
  • Joust®
  • Joust 2®
  • Paperboy®
  • Rampage®
  • Robotron 2084®
  • Smash TV®
  • Bubbles®
  • RoadBlasters®
  • Blaster®
  • Rampart
  • Sinistar®
  • SuperSprint®
  • Marble Madness®
  • 720®
  • Toobin'®
  • SPLAT!®
  • Satan's Hollow®
  • Vindicators®
  • Root Beer Tapper®
Namco Museum® Pack
  • PAC-MAN®
  • MS. PAC-MAN®
  • Rally-X®
  • Xevious®
  • Mappy®
Digital Leisure Pack
Check out how simple our MAME arcade cabinet is to setup and play.
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Shipping and handling for this arcade gaming system is only $595 most places in the continental USA.
Delivery inside front door or garage only (no steps). Delivery up stairs or down stairs is an additional fee.
Liftgate delivery included at no extra charge, some destinations may take longer than 5 days.
Dream Arcades uses custom designed Windows 11 PC's in all of our systems for best in class performance.
All arcades come with a lifetime warranty on the controls, and a one year parts and labor warranty.

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  • We absolutely love our Dreamcade Vision 40! The cabinet and packaged games and hardware have been a blast for our family and friends. Especially love how easy it is to add additional games with a Wi-fi connection. Customer service and the technical team have been outstandingly responsive the few times we have had questions. I cannot recommend Dreamcade enough for anyone looking to add some retro gaming excitement to their home!
    Matthew T.
  • Purchased multiple Dreamcade Vision 40 arcades for our facilities on a naval base. The troops love them and they are easy to work with. Went with the full package for games and addons, and we couldn't be happier. Delivery was quick, as was setting up the arcade.
    Stephen H
  • The entire process was great and the machine is amazing. I had custom graphics done and the artist was amazing and very accomodating. All the games from when I grew up and the ability to find others with ease. Delivery was a challenge as I wanted it on the second floor. Overall highly recommended.
  • Stop hesitating and make the purchase, you'll be thrilled you did!!! Arcade machine has been amazing and A+ customer service from pre order to delivery to after delivery care!
    Ryan Mc
  • Great machine!! Even better customer service!!!
    Ryan P.
  • I love the machine. It exceeded my expectations. I play the games almost daily and I love to be able to play from many platforms and it is so easy. The games are high quality and the cabinet looks great. I was 10 in 1985, so I remember those days at the arcade after school and I even skipped school a few times to play video games at the arcade. Thanks for helping me bring back those childhood memories and create new ones by myself, with my children and with friends.
    Al D.
  • I love my arcade system from you guys! I did look around before deciding on Dream Arcades, and I am SO GLAD I DID! Not only is the system perfect, you all have had so much patience with me as I get to know this machine. I am not a young person, you see. My kids grew up with games from the 80's on while I was busy being a MOM...but now it's my turn!
    Joan B.
  • I'm in the process of ordering everything Ive always wanted in an arcade, and to this point, the service has exceeded my expextations. I've done alot of research into different arcade options and vendors. Dream Arcades was not the cheapest, but they are hands down the best in service and value. Highly recommend!
    Joseph R.
  • Ever since I was a little kid, I've always wanted an arcade. Michelle and her team was able to help me get the arcade of my dreams (40" model). As I was only two hours away from their shop, I paid a visit to their shop and they showed me everything about the machine and how it worked. I must say.....I can tell that their employees like what they do and what they sell because they were very enthusiastic. And thanks to Michelle for answering all of my pesky questions....always in the same day! I would definitely recommend Dream Arcades to all my friends! Everybody loves the arcade in our family room!
    Michael L
  • One of the best purchases I have ever made. If you want something that works smoothly and is easy to roubleshoot then this is your arcade system of choice. If you need support they are on it like white on rice. Mine worked perfectly from unboxing and I bug them with the tiniest little questions a lot and they always have a great answer! I interviewed many companies and then chose this one and shipped my arcade all the way across the United States. It was worth it. Also recommend the custom artwork, definitely worth the extra “coin” Pun intended
    Eric McM.
  • I bought a Vision 40 and have been very happy with it. It provides hours of nostalgic entertainment. Thanks Dream Arcades!
    Ben L.
  • Fast reply and extremely knowledgeable, They had us reliving our retro childhood dream within a week!
  • I love my Dreamarcade V-32 and if you want to take a step back in time and play some of the arcade games you grew up with this is the system to get!
    Joseph D.
  • The arcades are incredible, the machines work well with a great selection of LEGAL games, and the customer service has been very responsive. Expensive systems, but well worth it in my view.
    Dov H.
  • Excellent customer service all the way from start to finish and even after you receive your product. Maria always stayed in touch with me every step of they way making the process incredibly easy. The front-end is using something similar to hyperspin from what I can tell however it works very well and is clean. What's even better is you have the ability to add more games using a lan or wifi connection directly to the cabinet. The buttons do have a nice clicky sound and are very responsive. Th
    Joe R F